Definition of meadow fescue in US English:

meadow fescue


  • A tall Eurasian fescue that is grown in North America as a pasture and hay grass.

    Festuca pratensis, family Gramineae

    • ‘Here, six kinds of grass pollen are used - timothy, rye, meadow fescue, velvet, orchard and Kentucky blue grasses.’
    • ‘In contrast, the dominant vegetation of two sites consisted of the exotic grasses Bromus inermis Leyss. (awnless brome) and Festuca pratensis L. (meadow fescue), plus a few scattered native prairie forbs and other exotic species.’
    • ‘After moving to their present farm in 2000 they tilled the ground and seeded it to perennial ryegrass, Alyce white clover, brome and meadow fescue, with annual ryegrass as a cover crop.’