Definition of maximalist in English:



  • (especially in politics) a person who holds extreme views and is not prepared to compromise.

    • ‘Some modern federal power maximalists make the opposite mistake.’
    • ‘At some point, leaders are supposed to stand up to maximalists, even the ones they mostly agree with.’
    • ‘It really astounds me that Hollywood copyright maximalists never learn from their own mistakes.’
    • ‘However, because the copyright maximalists have been able to frame copyright in terms of ‘property’, this reality is increasingly difficult to achieve.’
    • ‘In an age of too many minimalists, Orson Welles, Federico Fellini, and Ingmar Bergman were maximalists.’
    • ‘In his recent exhibition of paintings and sculptures, he presents himself as an unabashed maximalist.’
    • ‘First, of the 24 providers categorized on the basis of their expressed support concerns, maximalists emerged as the largest group and minimalists the smallest group.’
    • ‘He is a maximalist and a showman, so it may be somewhat unfair to criticize him in this fashion.’
    • ‘We've been foiled at every turn by the maximalists, the movies studios and the trademark offices, the patent-cops and the recording industry lobbyists and the IP lawyers' associations.’
    • ‘Territorial maximalists are pushing hard for an ‘encirclement fence.’’
    • ‘But again, note that a major underlying cause, the profit-driven system of corporate globalisation - the determination of business maximalists to have more of everything - is not up for discussion in the paper.’
    • ‘Her carefully cultivated media image as a moderate cannot disguise her consistent history as a rejectionist and a maximalist.’
    • ‘Here was a maximalist in a landscape of ascetics, an inclusivist in love with the dictionary and world.’
    • ‘Even John Adams, the transatlantic dean of minimalism, is at heart a maximalist, if the hectic massiness of his own essay in metaphysical erotics, Harmonium, is a guide.’
    • ‘As the referendum approached, longstanding splits between the minimalists and maximalists within the republican movement became significant.’
    • ‘Despite the urging of the maximalists, Ireland never became directly involved with the Nonaligned Movement, nor did it develop particularly close relations with the other European neutrals.’


  • Of or denoting an extreme opinion.

    ‘if we demand only maximalist ends, we will get nothing’
    • ‘From the Canadian perspective, the case for continuation has both a minimalist and a maximalist aspect.’
    • ‘In his maximalist way, he makes the entire universe hinge on it.’
    • ‘This sequel takes a riotously maximalist approach.’
    • ‘For political reasons, tax virtue has been defined in as maximalist a way as possible.’
    • ‘Similarly, providers expressing concerns indicative of a maximalist logic of action also appeared to eschew strong boundary management tactics.’
    • ‘The idea that someone other than the creator might actually make use of the character without permission is what drives copyright maximalist authors, owners, and advocates crazy, not loss of rights or even, often, compensation.’
    • ‘In addition, none of the non-recovering providers in large domiciles expressed concerns consistent with a maximalist logic of action.’
    • ‘Ours is a maximalist culture - the bigger the better.’
    • ‘In fact, there's an almost maximalist spectrum of sound, and the album is all the more impressive for creating and maintaining such a specific mood over 16 songs.’
    • ‘The maximalist position (so far not put forward seriously by anyone as far as I know) is that each blog post is a separate publication.’
    • ‘Only fine spices, massage, and dodgeball can compare and further inspire these maximalist feats.’
    • ‘But those details will tell us a lot about whether we're pursuing a minimalist or maximalist plan.’
    • ‘Providers linking broad strategic ends with high-cost means adopt what we refer to as maximalist logics of action.’
    • ‘A glance at the history of negotiations shows that this is a standard tactic: staking out a maximalist position while throwing the other side off balance.’
    • ‘He takes a maximalist approach to these songs, always adding more instrumentation where less might do nicely.’
    • ‘I wanted to make a minimalist and maximalist record at the same time - so I did.’
    • ‘The leaders are less maximalist than their rank and file.’
    • ‘The point is that the people who are really worth listening to aren't making absolute or maximalist statements or predictions.’
    • ‘In this it has adopted a two-pronged strategy, what he called a minimalist and a maximalist strategy.’
    • ‘They also took a maximalist approach in an installation filled with images of landscape, water, displaced animals, plants and diagrams of the proposed construction.’


Early 20th century: from maximal, on the pattern of Russian maksimalist.