Definition of maturity in US English:



  • 1The state, fact, or period of being mature.

    ‘their experience, maturity, and strong work ethic’
    ‘the delicate style of his maturity’
    • ‘Why wait twenty more births to achieve spiritual maturity when you could achieve it in two births?’
    • ‘The female mouse reaches sexual maturity at an age of 5-6 weeks.’
    • ‘The differential diagnosis for patients with hip symptoms can be grouped by skeletal maturity.’
    • ‘Other graduates may lack the maturity necessary to succeed in graduate school.’
    • ‘These are the signs not only of old age, but of maturity, experience and wisdom.’
    • ‘But I just couldn't match his muscle maturity and his back.’
    • ‘Harvest date should be determined by crop maturity, not by the calendar.’
    • ‘But besides his height his body showed the average maturity of a sixteen year old.’
    • ‘Grapes that never achieved full maturity were used in condiments and marinades.’
    • ‘Where intellectual and emotional maturity have been demonstrated, younger patients might be considered.’
    • ‘With the party's countrywide base eroding, Gandhi campaigned tirelessly and showed political maturity.’
    • ‘The speaker has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old boy.’
    • ‘Could this be a reflection of a newfound maturity in the field?’
    • ‘Heads were turned from coast to coast because of his newfound maturity and leadership.’
    • ‘Plants were grown to maturity in a greenhouse under natural conditions.’
    • ‘The germinated kernels were transferred to potting soil and grown to maturity in a greenhouse.’
    • ‘Do your child's coordination and maturity levels match those of others in the program?’
    • ‘At embryo maturity, X-ray analysis is used to distinguish filled seeds from dead, empty seeds.’
    • ‘It was almost childlike, but with a strong underlying sense of maturity and wisdom.’
    • ‘She took her mind's wisdom as a way of showing her growing maturity.’
    adulthood, full growth, majority, coming-of-age, matureness, manhood, womanhood, puberty, pubescence
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    1. 1.1 The time when an insurance policy, security, etc. matures.
      • ‘The reason is that those trees are way, way past their optimum maturity date for harvesting.’
      • ‘If you do continue with the endowment please do so on the basis that you will keep it until maturity.’
      • ‘The latest cut last month was an average 15 % reduction in maturity values.’
      • ‘If you withdraw your money from a term deposit before its maturity date, you typically lose all the interest.’
      • ‘If you need cash in the interim, you do not need to hold these instruments until maturity.’
      • ‘Loans and fixed-income security that the company issues differ dramatically in their maturity dates.’
      • ‘The issue has a five-year maturity period that expires on March 1, 2007.’
      • ‘Your capital is guaranteed as long as you keep the bond until maturity date.’
      • ‘As bills of exchange are meant to be discounted, they do not usually remain in the hands of the ostensible payee until their date of maturity.’
      • ‘If not, then the bond maturity date accelerates, and it would have to pay down the debt.’
      • ‘The mortgage loans for individuals have a maturity period of 15 years.’
      • ‘The accreted principal is not paid with the coupons, but accrues and is paid at maturity.’
      • ‘For an investor who plans to hold the bond until maturity, liquidity risk is less important.’
      • ‘If managers anticipate rising interest rates, they generally shorten the average maturity of the bonds in their funds.’
      • ‘For investors wanting to cash in at maturity this could give rise to a capital gain or a capital loss.’
      • ‘The value of a bond depends on its par value, coupon and maturity date.’
      • ‘In addition, terminal bonuses are usually awarded on maturity of the investment.’
      • ‘Also bear in mind that what really matters is the maturity value of the policy.’
      • ‘Strips are available for different maturity dates and at different rates of interest.’
      • ‘You may want to buy bonds whose maturity date coincides with your future needs.’
    2. 1.2 An insurance policy, security, etc. having a fixed maturity date.
      • ‘But you don't want to go out too far in maturities.’
      • ‘Much of this is multilateral and bilateral debt and suppliers credits with long-term maturities and favourable terms that should not be refinanced.’
      • ‘Fixed mortgage rates continue to fall across all maturities.’
      • ‘Yields were largely unchanged, with shorter maturities outperforming the long-bond.’
      • ‘And they must be held for a long time, maturities usually five years or longer.’
      ripeness, matureness, mellowness
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Late Middle English: from Latin maturitas, from maturus (see mature).