Definition of matriculant in US English:



  • A person who is enrolled as a student in a college or university.

    ‘medical school matriculants’
    ‘matriculants at the University of Florida’
    • ‘Yale could not do better for its matriculants than inculcate the notion both of individual liberty and its inherent responsibilities.’
    • ‘He worked as a mechanic before entering Harvard at the age of twenty-nine, twice the age of the typical matriculant.’
    • ‘You went to a G8 university, and you were probably in the top 10-15% of matriculants.’
    • ‘The level of influence of the seven degree program characteristics was very similar for both matriculant groups.’
    • ‘The number of women in medicine has increased considerably over the past 3 decades, and they now comprise approximately half of medical school matriculants.’
    • ‘Matriculants in doctor of nursing practice programs increased 955.0%, from 862 to 9094 persons.’
    • ‘For applicants, admitted applicants, and matriculants at Chicago there are no significant differences in level of need or financial-aid award between early admissions and regular admissions.’
    • ‘The researchers found that a higher proportion of underrepresented minority matriculants used the community college pathways compared with white students or other racial and ethnic groups.’
    • ‘Medical schools have made some strides in this regard, as Latino matriculants constitute more than 8% of recent classes nationally.’
    • ‘College is "glib and superficial" for most matriculants.’


Mid 19th century: from matriculate + -ant.