Definition of mathematically in US English:



  • 1By means of mathematics; in mathematical terms.

    ‘pressure is described mathematically as a force exerted over an area’
    • ‘The bands form a matrix for a mathematically calculated grid of deeply recessed and splayed bays, each containing windows of different sizes.’
    • ‘Mathematically, whatever is subtracted from total product yields the amount available to other factors.’
    • ‘Both are straightforward and easy to use, and although functions can be performed mathematically, they can just as easily be adjusted visually.’
    • ‘He works in subdued tones, organizing his compositions into mathematically calculated areas of muted color.’
    • ‘Its application of mean-variance analysis showed mathematically how the risk of individual bonds and stocks make their contributions to risks.’
    • ‘Hazard rate and failure-time metrics are mathematically equivalent, but the coefficients of a failure-time specification are read as effects on the duration until failure.’
    • ‘This geometrical property is true of any frontal perspective image, no matter how it be produced, whether mathematically, mechanically, or optically.’
    • ‘Objects that are further from or closer to this eye-point are represented as smaller or larger, and this relationship is mathematically determined.’
    • ‘Even the paintings' two sizes were determined mathematically: 1 or 2 meters square.’
    • ‘It is possible to generate a surface geometry mathematically that will provide the exact degree of sound diffusion required.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that relates to mathematics.
      ‘to the mathematically inclined person, this book is an excellent introduction’
      • ‘On the basis of a questionnaire, it is estimated that at least one third of them are not scientifically or mathematically literate.’
      • ‘She was his mathematically brilliant but too-depressed-to-work daughter.’
      • ‘The senior management becomes increasingly dependent on middle managers, many of whom are mathematically highly skilled in their specialty.’
      • ‘It varies from the mathematically bewildering to the blindingly obvious.’
      • ‘Only rocket scientists and the mathematically gifted can accurately do mental arithmetic that involves dividing or multiplying by 0.787564.’
      • ‘The authors of the abstract and mathematically witty inventions in ornamental sculpture were Jan van Roome and Loys van Boghem.’
      • ‘Mathematically trained persons recognize the logical validity of the induction argument, but they refuse to accept it as a guide to practical behavior.’
      • ‘The theme of Delacroix as the systematic and mathematically harmonic colorist had first been sounded in his 1863 obituary.’
      • ‘These results, while mathematically significant, aren't cause for alarm.’
      • ‘The evolution of information science has been such as to bring a mathematically oriented person, like myself, ever closer to the center of interest.’
    2. 1.2 In a rigorously precise manner characteristic of mathematics.
      ‘his description of detail is almost mathematically precise’
      • ‘The heart of this seeming paradox is that the concept "definable in English" is not mathematically precise.’
      • ‘In classic derivations, "faster" has been defined mathematically to mean "able to produce more surviving offspring per generation."’
      • ‘The narrator is a contented Number in the perfect OneState, whose citizens live and work their mathematically ordered 26th-century existences.’
      • ‘It was a matter of first recognizing a significant relationship, and then proving in a mathematically rigorous fashion precisely what that relationship is.’
      • ‘Professional mathematicians regard this "trick" as mathematically lightweight and of relatively little consequence.’
      • ‘As a mathematician, I do have a good understanding of randomness, which is a mathematically precise concept.’
      • ‘The authors painstakingly create mathematically decorated worlds that make sense referred unto themselves but with only a superficial connection to "reality."’
      • ‘He had shown mathematically that the doctrine of salvation maximized the future happiness of good men.’
      • ‘Actually, the situation isn't quite as mathematically complex as that.’
      • ‘You meet a guy who understands almost mathematically what he needs to live an honorable life, then you think as I did, "Here is where I belong!"’