Definition of masterpiece in English:



  • 1A work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

    ‘a great literary masterpiece’
    ‘the car was a masterpiece of space-age technology’
    • ‘Seven hundred years later ' The Canterbury Tales' is still considered one of the greatest English literary masterpieces.’
    • ‘Today, these works are considered masterpieces and are worth millions of dollars.’
    • ‘His reputation rests above all, however, on the delicate, haunting pastels that are his masterpieces.’
    • ‘She loved to eat, to cook, and to serve culinary masterpieces of her own creation.’
    • ‘His clocks were masterpieces of skill, precision, ingenuity, and determination.’
    • ‘Here's the press release summary of this latest comedy masterpiece.’
    • ‘The collection has grown to include masterpieces of Japanese modern and contemporary art.’
    • ‘We were recently told that no artist paints a masterpiece before they are 40.’
    • ‘The Decalogue episodes are commonly considered masterpieces of world cinema.’
    • ‘Consequently, the masterpieces of sculpture and painting were bought in and around their time and many, if not most, are permanently lodged in museums.’
    • ‘First of all, the museum would be an architectural masterpiece.’
    • ‘The construction of this Gothic style architectural masterpiece took about two centuries.’
    • ‘Although known primarily as cinematic masterpieces, each of these movies was originally produced onstage.’
    • ‘He has devoted some forty years of research, thinking and hard and repeated looking to the masterpieces of Impressionist painting.’
    • ‘You have trivialized a great masterpiece of Indian cinema.’
    • ‘It was noted for its woodcuts and is still considered one of the masterpieces of graphic art.’
    • ‘Walking through the Louvre I saw numerous artists with pencil and paper in hand, sketching the great masterpieces.’
    • ‘Well, the calendar presenting a selection of rarely seen masterpieces of the mural paintings of India is finally here.’
    • ‘You could inspire an artist to paint a masterpiece with you as the subject.’
    • ‘A masterpiece by Claude Monet, not seen in public for over a century, is on sale to the highest bidder.’
    triumph, coup, marvellous feat, feather in one's cap, wonder, sensation, outstanding example, paragon, great work, showpiece, gem, prize
    tour de force
    hit, knockout
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    1. 1.1An artist's or craftsman's best piece of work.
      ‘the painting is arguably Picasso's masterpiece’
      • ‘He dreamt of it as the ultimate in garden cities and he regarded it as his masterpiece.’
      • ‘Ravel's score to Daphnis and Chloë is generally regarded as his masterpiece.’
      • ‘His masterpiece is usually considered to be the large-scale choral work, Hymnus Paradisi.’
      • ‘Prometheus unbound was composed between 1937 and 1944 and the English composer is said to have considered it his masterpiece.’
      • ‘Although later dismissed by some commentators, Ibsen always considered this his masterpiece.’
    2. 1.2historical A piece of work by a craftsman accepted as qualification for membership of a guild as an acknowledged master.
      • ‘The next hurdle was to produce a masterpiece that would satisfy the master of the guild so that he could assume the title of master craftsmen and would thus get membership in the guild.’
      • ‘This resulted in the practice of an apprentice producing a "masterpiece" at the end of his training which he presented to the guild's officers as proof of his ability to practice the trade.’
      • ‘From the second half of the thirteenth century onward, however, we hear, first in isolated instances and with greater frequency toward the end of the Middle Ages, of a more clearly specified challenge: in order to demonstrate his skill, the candidate must execute a work for official examination, the masterpiece.’
      • ‘Once a journeyman could provide proof of his technical and artistic skills, by showing his masterpiece, he might rise in the guild and become a master.’
      • ‘As an apprentice, you will eventually be preparing yourself to eventually present your masterpiece at the Great Guild Hall - hired out as a journeyman, or hired day laborer for one of our town's projects.’