Definition of masterfully in US English:



  • 1In a powerful way that shows ability to control others.

    ‘she masterfully took over’
    • ‘Perhaps somebody is using them masterfully for his own purposes.’
    • ‘The falsity inherent in perception is one of numerous lessons taught by his masterfully manipulated interview with the former defense secretary.’
    • ‘A clever child can masterfully engage his or her peers in a game of "talking backward."’
    • ‘The president masterfully manipulated the news so that skeptics would ultimately support his call to arms.’
    • ‘She now pulls up her son masterfully and explains the reasons for the decision.’
    • ‘They masterfully inflamed the crowd's anger by suggesting that city officials were willfully withholding information about the shooting.’
    • ‘The tacticians on the right have again masterfully shaped the debate.’
    • ‘Planters and wealthier yeomen could conceive of themselves as following in a line of ancestors who knew how to lightly and masterfully handle the reins of power.’
    • ‘Governments typically muddle through rather than being masterfully on top of things.’
    • ‘If Satan is masterfully deceptive, can't he just as easily masquerade as an angel of light?’
  • 2In a very skillful manner.

    ‘a masterfully crafted novel’
    • ‘Her performance straddles the line masterfully, allowing us to see the character either way.’
    • ‘Also included were the masterfully painted, cartoonish canvases that seem to address painfully mixed feelings about body image.’
    • ‘All lighting fixtures are masterfully handcrafted to the finest quality by the company's own skilled artisans.’
    • ‘His admirers considered it a masterfully written work, while religious critics branded it as dangerous to religion.’
    • ‘The exposition featured their beautifully designed and masterfully crafted harps.’
    • ‘She masterfully ties insights on love and loss to the harrowing fear as she is flipped out of a raft in one of the Grand Canyon's deadliest rapids.’
    • ‘While cameras rolled, the celebrity hair colorist masterfully painted light baby-blonde highlights onto Jessica's honey blonde base strands.’
    • ‘He masterfully employs sound effects to heighten the horror, and the humor.’
    • ‘The script is masterfully constructed with no waste whatsoever, with every word, every image contributing to the overall effect.’
    • ‘Whether made according to his "old" or "new" mode, his clothing is always masterfully designed and impeccably constructed.’