Definition of master stroke in English:

master stroke


  • An outstandingly skillful and opportune act; a very clever move.

    • ‘This proved useful but his master stroke several years later was to recognise the value of Marconi's invention of radio.’
    • ‘Getting a career starter to alter his role so drastically and successfully in midseason is a master stroke.’
    • ‘Then early in the second-half the management pulled off a master stroke.’
    • ‘Jude and fellow officials believe this has been a master stroke.’
    • ‘But it was a master stroke as he teased and tormented the Dublin captain.’
    • ‘The designers of the new big Jaguar have pulled off a master stroke in achieving a car which is at once thoroughly modern yet instantly recognisable for what it is.’
    • ‘Confiscating everyone's toiletries on day one (replaced by a bare minimum of basics to share) is a master stroke.’
    • ‘Persuading my wine-drinking girlfriend to join me for the popular tour of the brewery was a master stroke.’
    • ‘The story of how he freed a beautiful widow won him romantic popularity, but was also a political master stroke.’
    • ‘It seemed to me that rather than displaying panic, it was a master stroke, politically speaking.’
    • ‘Dividing the county into two main groups, with the first and second in each group to qualify for the semi-finals was a master stroke.’
    • ‘But the master stroke of the production was the way the plot was allowed to develop through the music and lyrics rather than just the dialog.’
    • ‘His ploy to unite the party behind the compromise of the current policy probably still feels a master stroke but he forgot the rest of Britain is less obsessed with Europe.’
    • ‘The Nivelle offensive of April 1917 had been oversold as a war-winning master stroke, and its failure stirred deep-seated discontent into open mutiny.’
    • ‘It was a master stroke of second guessing and reverse psychology.’
    • ‘That was a master stroke - maybe the master stroke of the year.’
    • ‘The company's decision to continue withholding the final release of taxation policy has been a master stroke.’
    • ‘Looking back on the last three years, the appointment was a master stroke.’
    • ‘In order to mediate between the two, the car park was treated as landscape rather than building - a master stroke.’
    • ‘The master stroke, the thing that made the plan viable, was the creation of the Home.’
    act of genius, coup, successful manoeuvre, triumph, victory, complete success
    coup de maître
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master stroke

/ˈmastər ˌstrōk/