Definition of master chief petty officer in US English:

master chief petty officer


  • A noncommissioned officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard ranking above senior chief petty officer and below warrant officer.

    • ‘‘It must be terrifically damp, dark and cold,’ said Steve, a retired US Navy master chief petty officer who served on three submarines from 1973-93.’
    • ‘The FY01 E - 9 board reported selection opportunity at 17.7 percent, up from 14.4 percent last year; 597 Sailors were selected for advancement to master chief petty officer.’
    • ‘This is, and always has been, one of the most important roles we fulfill as chief, senior chief and master chief petty officers.’
    • ‘Most importantly, these changes give junior Sailors more incentive to rise through the enlisted ranks and attain what only 1 percent of our Navy has reached - master chief petty officer.’
    • ‘The Navy's 3,400 master chief petty officers will become the first Sailors to be detailed using Web-based technology beginning in September.’


master chief petty officer

/ˈmæstər tʃif ˈpɛdi ˈɔfəsər/