Definition of masstige in US English:



  • usually as modifier Used to refer to mass-produced, relatively inexpensive goods which are marketed as luxurious or prestigious.

    ‘top designers have been creating masstige lines’
    ‘the payoff for those selling masstige is that usually they make more profit than those operating in the worlds of super-discount or top-end luxury’
    • ‘Every masstige product, therefore, is a candidate for death in the middle.’
    • ‘Of those retailers that are succeeding in the current climate, a great many of them fall under the category of "masstige" brands and products that have high-end, prestigious characteristics but with prices and locations that make them accessible to a mass consumer audience.’
    • ‘The 'masstige' brand commands a premium by virtue of sound branding and mass appeal.’
    • ‘Although masstige products in new categories have great potential, they can be attacked by products that offer similar benefits at a lower price or by premium products that deliver a greater number of genuine benefits for a small price increment.’
    • ‘They don't pick all masstige all the time.’
    • ‘Peek in the shopping carts and you'll see evidence of masstige spending: a $205 watch nestled next to a bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts; a 12-pack of batteries sandwiched next to a $40 bottle of imported French wine.’
    • ‘They also sold a credit-hooked country the idea of "masstige," or mass luxury.’
    • ‘Teach them to shop selectively, and teach them to trade up from masstige by offering products that are exciting and a good investment for them.’
    • ‘Masstige brands have particular appeal to urban consumers, who are always striving to be trendy but aren't above a bargain.’
    • ‘She discusses the rise of masstige and the watering down of the term 'luxury' and what that means for brands, as well as consumers.’
    • ‘This consumer is showing a propensity to pick what they call "masstige," or "mass prestige" products, those that aren't nose-bleed expensive but are far from the bargain brands.’
    • ‘Mass plus prestige equals "masstige", affordable luxury, class plus mass.’
    • ‘How can you as a retailer combat the current onslaught of masstige?’
    • ‘Given all that, you need to find ways to move them away from masstige and into the affordable art in your gallery, while developing them as a young collectors.’
    • ‘The first exception is the 'masstige' brand that combines mass appeal with prestige.’
    • ‘When they come through your doors, tell them the story about each piece; tell them about the artists; and do all you can to excite them about images or sculptures that will be items of prestige, and not masstige, in their homes or offices.’
    • ‘As car prices converge within the mid price range, examples of 'masstige' brands begin to stand out.’
    • ‘She looked at the major trends in the industry, the first of which was the rise of the "masstige" segment.’


1990s: blend of mass market and prestige.