Definition of massively in US English:



  • 1On a vast scale.

    ‘biotechnology is expected to contribute massively to the global economy’
    • ‘He needed more time to prepare for his massively documented novel.’
    • ‘His filmmaking is pedestrian and contributes massively to making this instantly forgettable.’
    • ‘The new structure, with its flying titanium ribboned panels, will massively change the classic skyline of Manhattan as seen from the Brooklyn side.’
    • ‘The land on the far side seems to roll massively into the distance, partially eclipsing a setting sun.’
    • ‘He has been speculating massively in the yen and stands to lose his entire fortune if it does not stop rising.’
    • ‘They propagate this through a massively institutionalized ideology.’
    • ‘I was writing about an era of history that is massively studied, hugely important, and constantly referenced in contemporary culture.’
    • ‘By allowing children and young adults to engage in self-paced learning, it would massively counteract the school systems in the cities.’
    • ‘These works were juxtaposed with the war and the massively attended and occasionally violent antiwar actions and police reprisals of the late 1960s.’
    • ‘The area in which he lived in 1931 has been massively redeveloped.’
    1. 1.1 To a very great extent; extremely.
      ‘research at all levels is massively underfunded’
      • ‘The movie was massively entertaining against all odds.’
      • ‘Its key designers and planners described the history and future of this massively complicated project.’
      • ‘His first solo directing commission came in 1935, when he was invited to direct a massively ambitious science fiction project.’
      • ‘As images go, both play to our massively confused consciousness.’
      • ‘Ironically, he constructed and used a massively expensive set outside Paris for this film.’
      • ‘Personally, I think anyone with a massively screwed up past shouldn't be allowed to be in relationships.’
      • Citizen Kane, for those who have had a massively slanted view of the movies forced upon them, is a piece of entertainment!’
      • ‘Small ranchers are being harassed by massively wealthy cattle barons, who desire no impediment to their insatiable desire for money.’
      • ‘In short order, crime spreads like a plague, fueled by a flood of a massively addictive designer narcotic.’
      • ‘These composers are all massively important to me.’
  • 2In a very large and heavy or solid form.

    ‘a massively built four-story building’
    • ‘These works are very large, and they are also massively framed.’
    • ‘The red buildings are massively constructed to exploit the thermal flywheel effect.’
    • ‘A massively muscular man, he is unapologetic about having used steroids and proud of his knowledge of weightlifting.’
    • ‘They are suitable for implementation on fine-grained, massively parallel architectures.’
    • ‘The cathedral stands massively against one corner of the plaza.’
    • ‘He constructed massively thick scrapbooks of clipped daily comics.’
    • ‘The monochromatic gray of the concrete exterior reinforces our reading of a massively solid, singular block out of which the temple appears to have been carved.’
    • ‘We got to his family's house, which is massively impressive.’
    • ‘It's a massively majestic fort.’
    • ‘How did contemporaries view this strikingly broad-shouldered figure, massively sturdy legs, lowering brow, and deep-set eyes?’