Definition of mass transit in US English:

mass transit


North American
  • Public transportation, especially in an urban area.

    • ‘And in the last decade, Americans have increasingly been using mass transit.’
    • ‘Other cities only allow new development in areas already serviced by mass transit.’
    • ‘In many cities smart cards are used to access public telephones, mass transit and parking systems.’
    • ‘We'll tell you how law enforcement agencies will protect our mass transit systems.’
    • ‘Yet, mass transit carries 16 times more passengers than airlines each day.’
    • ‘The neighborhood also desperately needs access to mass transit.’
    • ‘Two people are under arrest in London, possibly in connection to today's attempted mass transit bombings.’
    • ‘In a test program, law enforcement officers will be at mass transit facilities all across the country.’
    • ‘The main point of contention was over funding for mass transit.’
    • ‘Its closing would mean thousands of veterans would no longer have access by mass transit to a hospital or any access at all.’
    • ‘Do we have to do more, particularly in terms of mass transit and in terms of worker protections?’
    • ‘In the past five years, mass transit ridership has risen 24 percent, faster than air travel or highway usage.’
    • ‘And in many of those boroughs, people depend on mass transit to get around, buses and subways.’
    • ‘How much of your time gets squandered in traffic for lack of adequate mass transit?’
    • ‘We have great mass transit, but who can say what the nature of the attack or the catastrophe might be that could knock out that system?’
    • ‘Public mass transit systems may be able to offer special state-funded services.’
    • ‘The lack of increased demand for mass transit hasn't stopped advocates from advancing a surge in ballot initiatives.’
    • ‘It was crowded, like any urban mass transit would be at rush hour, so we had to stand for this short trip.’
    • ‘The private sector can even run mass transit systems as they have in the past.’
    • ‘Cabs are plentiful as is public mass transit that is easy to use.’