Definition of Masorete in US English:


(also Massorete)


  • Any of the Jewish scholars of the 6th–10th centuries AD who contributed to the establishment of a recognized text of the Hebrew Bible, and to the compilation of the Masorah.

    • ‘It is a Masoretic text, i.e. one prepared by the guild of scholars called Masoretes.’
    • ‘These four constituted the entire third division of the canon - the Writings - in Josephus's day, rather than the thirteen assigned to it by the Masoretes of the late first millennium A.D.’
    • ‘The signs as we know them today were fixed by the Tiberian scholar and Masorete Aaron ben Asher (900-c960).’
    • ‘They are all related to Joshua ibn Gaon, a scribe, Masorete, and decorator.’
    • ‘This was the work of the Massoretes and the resulting text only began to be produced from the sixth century at the earliest.’


From French Massoret and modern Latin Massoreta, from Hebrew māsōreṯ; related to māsōrāh (see Masorah).