Definition of masochistic in US English:



  • 1Deriving sexual gratification from one's own pain or humiliation.

    ‘masochistic sexual fantasies’
    • ‘Once he has killed his masochistic dream, aggressive female sexuality becomes both available and productive.’
    • ‘Such childhood-beating narratives play an important part in Freud's interpretation of sadistic and masochistic personalities.’
    • ‘Because of his obsession with this movie, he was deemed insane with extreme masochistic tendencies.’
    • ‘He points outs that a genuine sadist could never tolerate a masochistic victim.’
    • ‘Most of what is seen in the film is bondage, discipline, and masochistic acts performed by actual participants in that world.’
    • ‘She gives a tour-de-force performance as a chilly piano teacher with a taste for masochistic sex.’
    • ‘When a young student becomes smitten with her, the teacher enlists him in her dangerous, masochistic sexual fantasies.’
    • ‘The characters are violent in every sense of the word, and they are sadistic or masochistic (often both simultaneously).’
    • ‘The marriage was not a success, and in his last years, he suffered from a pathological masochistic melancholia.’
    • ‘The patient begins to identify with the child being beaten, imagines enjoying such treatment, and develops a masochistic fantasy.’
    1. 1.1 (in general use) enjoying an activity that appears to be painful or tedious.
      ‘he seems to take a masochistic delight in confronting uncomfortable truths’
      • ‘We get no trailer for the sequel, an omission that will spell sweet relief for all but the most masochistic movie renter.’
      • ‘To my masochistic amazement, I found it less interesting with each viewing.’
      • ‘His pal goes to masochistic lengths to clear his name and free him.’
      • ‘If you feel compelled to watch this movie by some masochistic tendency you are powerless to control, then regard it as a comedy, not as a Western.’
      • ‘The public refuses its masochistic role as philistine, seeking affirmation instead in an art of generosity and pleasure.’
      • ‘What I got from him was a complete trust in filmmaking and a taste for endangering myself a little bit—but not in a masochistic way, in an adventurous way.’
      • ‘Airline travel is one of the most masochistic forms of bureaucracy devised by humankind to punish us for our collective sins, whatever they may be.’
      • ‘The religiosity at the core of his films has always transformed his leading ladies into masochistic saints at best, abused playthings at worst.’
      • ‘There's a sense of perverse, masochistic enjoyment associated with sitting through something on the level of this movie.’
      • ‘Here we have an inept comedian bear, a diva pig, a masochistic daredevil, a psychotic foreign culinary expert, and a raucously eccentric house band.’