Definition of masjid in US English:



  • Arabic word for a mosque.

    • ‘An alternative word for mosque, from the same root, is masjid.’
    • ‘Their mosques are known as masjids and not by any other name like temple, church or synagogues.’
    • ‘The word in Arabic is masjid, you know, which means place of prostration, in fact.’
    • ‘All its loudspeakers fell silent when ‘azan,’ the prayer call, rose from Mecca masjid minarets.’
    • ‘‘In this pilgrimage-based show, we feature old and historic temples, churches, gurdwaras and masjids,’ he says.’
    • ‘According to the Professor, there is no acceptable proof that the masjid had been built at the site of a Hindu temple.’
    • ‘His responsibility is to see to the proper maintenance and functioning of the masjid, as mentioned above.’
    • ‘There must be at least few people in every community who should do it in every masjid every year to keep this tradition alive.’
    • ‘They are allowed to eat also inside the masjid, but if it is not convenient, they may go outside and come back as soon as they finish.’
    • ‘I have grown up in a family that kneels in the church, bows its head at the masjid and folds its hands in prayer at the temple.’


Arabic, ‘place of worship or prostration in prayer’, probably ultimately of Aramaic origin.