Definition of masculine rhyme in US English:

masculine rhyme


  • A rhyme of final stressed syllables (e.g., blow/flow, confess/redress).

    Compare with feminine rhyme
    • ‘I think your choice of only masculine rhyme is a good one because it fulfills a terseness which is necessary in order to dispatch these observations you make.’
    • ‘Although as mentioned above masculine rhyme can have two syllables the major difference is the feminine rhyme always has two syllables and the stress is on the first syllable.’
    • ‘Every other line stops on a masculine rhyme. These metrical procedures are perfectly joined to the imagery.’
    • ‘What if I were to tell you that a masculine rhyme is blunt and obvious, while a feminine rhyme is more complex and delicate?’
    • ‘Where a line ends with an accented syllable, it is deemed to have a strong ending and is thus described as masculine rhyme.’


masculine rhyme

/ˈmæskjələn raɪm/