Definition of martyred in US English:



  • 1(of a person) having been martyred.

    ‘a martyred saint’
    • ‘All the mothers emphasized that their martyred son was the better child: he was the best looking, the smartest, the most compassionate and loving of all the siblings.’
    • ‘And so the story ends with the martyred Saint John the Baptist.’
    • ‘Almost overnight the martyred Thomas became a saint.’
    • ‘Another woman, dressed in white and with her hair pulled back in a chignon, says she weeps today ‘to beg forgiveness of this martyred child.’’
    • ‘People had held her in high esteem fancying that her withdrawal from public life was a sort of silent homage to her martyred husband.’
    • ‘The artist drew on religious imagery of martyred saints to depict new political martyrs.’
    • ‘This is the day of martyred intellectuals, who were brutally killed by the occupation army and their cohorts.’
    • ‘Scottish nationalists have made her into their version of Joan of Arc, a martyred hero who struggled against English oppression.’
    • ‘Figuring the outlaw as the martyred victim of both tyranny from without and treachery from within, oral tradition solicits sympathy and even pity for the people's hero.’
    • ‘From around the fourth century, bishops approved the cause of martyred Christians, and their cult would spread among local churches.’
    • ‘A large figure of St. Nabor, a martyred Roman soldier, overlooks the silent host.’
    • ‘Emotionally, he is drawn to Mary, a martyred heroine falsely accused of plotting her cousin's death and meeting her own end with grace and dignity.’
    • ‘He became a martyred hero whose soaring rhetoric inspired many in the United States and abroad.’
    • ‘Many martyred pilgrim sites are spread across the country.’
    • ‘John the Baptist's murder might well have been similarly cast save for the tradition that followed him, which recounts the story in which he is a martyred saint.’
    • ‘In the Vendee, south of the Loire, civil war was soon raging, with the rebels organizing themselves into a self-styled Catholic and Royal Army dedicated to restoring the heirs of the martyred king.’
    1. 1.1 (of an attitude or manner) showing feigned or exaggerated suffering to obtain sympathy or admiration.
      ‘he gave Mulder a brief, martyred look’
      • ‘It was a snack shop; he turned to the lady at the counter with a martyred expression, amazed inside at how easy it was to lie.’
      • ‘At this stage I'm going around with a martyred look on my face, indicating to everyone that I am abstaining from something, which goes against what I learned at school.’
      • ‘I glanced over and almost leapt out of my skin to see Will being wheeled into the room in a blue hospital wheelchair, a look of martyred boredom on his face, mingled with a sneaky eagerness and a hint of shame.’
      • ‘Some stand as if in a martyred silence, some have bullhorns.’
      • ‘Renny quit his pummeling and struck a martyred pose.’