Definition of Martinist in US English:



  • An adherent of a form of mystical pantheism developed by the French philosopher L.C. de Saint-Martin (1743–1803)

    ‘the world of illuminists and Martinists’
    as modifier ‘supplies for all Martinist branches’
    • ‘Napoleon was a creation of the Martinist freemasonic lodge, the Napoleonic Empire.’
    • ‘He created the Martinist cult; he organized things like the Queen's necklace affair, he controlled Necker; he controlled Philippe Egalité; he organized the Bastille event; he organized the Jacobin Terror.’
    • ‘Papus then decided to create an organization, which would group the Initiates of Saint-Martin and promote the study of Martinist philosophy.’
    • ‘The Confederacy in the United States was created as a part of Synarchism, before it was called Synarchism: the Martinist cult.’
    • ‘After Papus’s demise, however, the Martinist movement lost its unity and began to fragment with the loss of its unfaltering guide.’