Definition of marriageable in English:



  • Fit, suitable, or attractive for marriage, especially in being of the right age.

    • ‘When these children come of marriageable age, they're not going to find girls for marriage, and life for girls is going to be very difficult.’
    • ‘Bright colors are usually avoided, but scarlet is popular among girls of marriageable age.’
    • ‘The rise over the first three years reflects increasing coverage, plus an annual 7.4% increase in numbers reaching marriageable age.’
    • ‘Because of this, many girls of marriageable age have become a burden on their parents.’
    • ‘Girls became marriageable after graduation from the bush initiation school.’
    • ‘Such a distinction reflects the importance of society's expectations about marriage, and, more importantly, about marriageable age.’
    • ‘And now the first group of the ‘only-child generation’ are reaching marriageable age.’
    • ‘Once a year, according to Herodotus, it was the Babylonian custom to assemble all the village girls of marriageable age and hold an auction.’
    • ‘It turned out that she had arranged for him to meet a queue - literally - of marriageable young ladies; each and every one of them convinced that she would be the next Duchess.’
    • ‘On the negative side, they will have a harder and harder time finding marriageable men with comparable education levels…’
    • ‘She glared at her remaining grandson of marriageable age.’
    • ‘It always seemed to me that half the teenage young woman of the community deemed themselves of marriageable age and were out looking to be courted.’
    • ‘He said the practice was tolerated, especially among students who had reached marriageable age, but were still studying or teaching in the boarding schools.’
    • ‘Women had long hair, but marriageable girls wore their hair twisted up into large whorls on either side of their heads.’
    • ‘She has become the noble and marriageable daughter of a wealthy feudal lord.’
    • ‘You will see not only grown and marriageable daughters, but also quite little girls sitting out all over the place to sell their delicacies.’
    • ‘You are now going to be considered of marriageable age by those of the court.’
    • ‘He was well aware of the inherited risk, but as the pool of eligible marriageable Princesses in Europe was comparatively small, he eventually agreed to the arranged match.’
    • ‘The imbalance in the number of girls and boys of marriageable age is not the only cause of these social changes, and it will not persist for long.’
    • ‘While her green, gold, and red metallic body costume with its short skirt emphasizes her luxuriant sensuality, her waist beads indicate that she is marriageable and morally desirable.’
    sexually mature
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