Definition of marmoreal in English:



  • Made of or likened to marble.

    • ‘The juxtaposition of very loud and very soft chords (with many pregnant pauses in between) creates a frozen or marmoreal effect.’
    • ‘As such, his physique evokes the structure of bodybuilding's frontiersmen: marmoreal monsters who were as thick and deep as they were wide, because they defied their bodies rather than ‘listened to them.’’
    • ‘The oxymoronic ‘gripped undulation’ suggests the marmoreal petrifaction of a wave at the ‘salt margin’ of the sea; whilst the last two lines allegorise the image of a pilot ejecting from mortality.’
    • ‘The Virgin's body and neck are dramatically attenuated, and her marmoreal forehead and glossy curls are decorated with ropes of pearls and an enormous ruby.’
    • ‘A Victorian era adjective floats to mind: marmoreal, with its connotations of smoothness, paleness, and death.’


Late 18th century: from Latin marmoreus (from marmor marble) + -al.