Definition of markup in US English:



  • 1The amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit.

    • ‘And with their higher markups, project changes can further present opportunities for potential profit gain when managed efficiently.’
    • ‘In addition to markups, some online brokers tack ‘service’ or ‘transaction’ fees on small purchases.’
    • ‘Occasionally painters turned some of their work over to dealers, whose markups could be substantial.’
    • ‘Indeed, once storage costs are deducted from overall marketing costs, merchant capital is able to charge a small but positive markup.’
    • ‘I would be buying them now, even at a $100 or higher markup, to support them.’
    • ‘And, as the Wall Street Journal noted recently, some retailers put big markups on their fair-trade products, which benefits them, not the producers.’
    • ‘Profit margins and markups vary, depending on whether you are talking about a hand-crafted latte at a coffee house or a 12-ounce bag of whole beans at the grocery store.’
    • ‘Trendy shirts of yesteryear are sold as the hot items of today at an almost 220 per cent markup.’
    • ‘Since fish is very perishable, retail and wholesale markups are very high.’
    • ‘This program allows me the flexibility to enter different discounts or markups for different items.’
    • ‘But profit margins are so wide that many businesses will be able to absorb those costs instead of making huge markups on prices, a move that could cost them sales in a highly competitive marketplace.’
    • ‘But consecutive markups sometimes price the product out of the arena where reimbursement is available.’
    • ‘He said operating firms would always arrive at their own price markups depending on the type of cost structure they have accrued but that this would be different for various firms unlike in a one entity operation with no competition.’
    • ‘American exporters generally seem to pay less attention to markup pricing over marginal costs than Australian exporters.’
    • ‘Their dealer networks sell new vehicles at near zero markup.’
    • ‘These cooperatives generally sell unique handmade gifts and clothing at a considerably lower markup than their boutique counterparts.’
    • ‘In fact, the growth in unit labor costs still trails the price markups companies are able to get for their products.’
    • ‘For customers who want new IT products, I would charge no markup.’
    • ‘Many firms will sell direct to an owner, eliminating several levels of markup.’
    • ‘Why do you think markups in the retail business are kept quiet?’
  • 2The process or result of correcting text in preparation for printing.

    • ‘You can add text, shapes, and stamps to annotate drawing and perform markups and redlining - all of which you can bring into AutoCAD 2005 applications.’
    • ‘These tools support review and markup through a Web browser, even for users not equipped with the originating CAD system.’
    • ‘I've briefly entertained the possibility of really revising it, getting it sharp, because there is some good stuff there, and I've even done extensive markups of a few pieces.’
    • ‘Here's a PDF file showing all the markups.’
    • ‘This compartment supports basic viewing and text-based markup.’
    1. 2.1US The process of making the final changes in a legislative bill.
      ‘the bill concerning acid rain is in markup’
      • ‘We are expecting early markup of the bills in committees in both the House and Senate, so I think things are going to happen quickly.’
      • ‘It's been endorsed by every single Republican and Democratic member of the Homeland Security Committee, and we have a markup of this legislation.’
      • ‘Regardless of the final markup, conventional congressional wisdom accepts that the additional funds will be needed sooner than expected.’
      • ‘But it's going to go through a markup process in the full committee possibly this coming week.’
      • ‘I'm very hopeful that we will have a speedy markup and get this bill to the floor within a week or so.’
  • 3Computing
    A set of tags assigned to elements of a text to indicate their relation to the rest of the text or dictate how they should be displayed.

    • ‘At their core, all Web browsers do is read plain text files that incorporate hypertext markup language.’
    • ‘The Internet is based on using hypertext markup language, which allows users to view content irrespective of hardware.’
    • ‘These developments are in part rivalled by increasingly sophisticated Internet markup languages like XML, which can also be used by agents.’
    • ‘But in fact, HTML is just one markup language, while XML allows you to create your own languages.’
    • ‘Hypertext markup language includes a color specification system used by Web sites.’