Definition of marking in English:



usually markings
  • 1A mark or set of marks.

    ‘the new outfits had luminous reflective markings’
    ‘the new road markings will highlight the two lanes’
    1. 1.1 A mark or pattern of marks on an animal's fur, feathers, or skin.
      ‘the distinctive black-and-white markings on its head’
      • ‘Condor was a black horse with silver markings on the outsides of all four legs, in the form of streaks.’
      • ‘Artists are also likely to use the natural markings of the animals as they develop their compositions.’
      • ‘This is where the Doberman gets his short, gleaming coat, and the fine black and tan markings.’
      • ‘The number of black markings can also range anywhere from no spots to 15 spots.’
      • ‘It really is a handsome beast with black and green markings.’
      • ‘Skippy is a medium-sized bitch, mostly white with black and brown markings.’
      • ‘He was a strange stylised round creature about a foot and a half tall with markings like black and white cows - only less symmetrical.’
      • ‘It has beautiful black and white markings on its head and the foregoing adults of both sexes have very long horns.’
      • ‘Some have distinctive markings on their heads and on their carapace, or upper shell.’
      • ‘They were of a copper color that was almost metallic, with black angular markings down the legs and around the waist.’
      • ‘With its striking brown and white markings and glossy skin, the somewhat docile snake was weighed and checked in at 26,6kg.’
      • ‘The juvenile looks similar but lacks the white facial feathering and black markings on the belly.’
      • ‘The distinctive markings of pronghorns, especially the bright white rump patch, make them easy to spot.’
      • ‘It can be recognised by its distinctive yellow markings around the beak and bells on its leg.’
      • ‘The most common American shorthair color is the silver tabby with dense black markings on a sterling silver background.’
      • ‘They have distinct black markings on the ends of their fins, particularly the first dorsal and caudal fins.’
      • ‘You can hardly see their faces under their manes, just black markings around the mouth and lolling pink tongues.’
      • ‘The adult insect is a moth with silvery-white forewings and brown stripes and black markings on each wing tip.’
      • ‘These hatch into white and pale yellow caterpillars with black heads, black markings, and a black horn.’
      • ‘On her belly is a beautiful pattern of black and white markings.’
      blemish, streak, spot, fleck, dot, blot, stain, smear, trace, speck, speckle, blotch, smudge, smut, smirch, fingermark, fingerprint, impression, imprint
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    2. 1.2Music A word or symbol on a score indicating the correct tempo, dynamic, or other aspect of performance.
      • ‘With a great orchestra, the conductor seldom has to clarify texture, as long as the players follow the markings in the score.’
      • ‘The tempo markings also use descriptive words, with a specific metronome marking given for each piece.’
      • ‘Missing tempo markings may have led Bernstein to perform contrasting sections more slowly than Ives wished.’
      • ‘Wayward performances and an ambivalent attitude towards his score markings must be challenged.’
      • ‘The editing includes dynamic markings and pedal indications but no fingerings.’