Definition of marketing man in US English:

marketing man


  • A person who works in marketing.

    ‘the singer is a marketing man's dream’
    ‘the marketing men wasted no time in capitalizing on the team's success’
    • ‘We think you're the best marketing man in Canada and that you should come and join our team.’
    • ‘They built the pub not on a template drawn-up by a committee of marketing men, but around their own enthusiasms and passions.’
    • ‘Music is controlled by marketing men.’
    • ‘Being the sound marketing man that I am though, my first action was to research whether this was relevant to many people's lives.’
    • ‘Anil now has multiple new roles, stage manager, marketing man and often, a performer too.’
    • ‘I did four movies last year and I'm hoping the marketing men are going to put money behind them.’
    • ‘So Schofield took charge of production, Watson came on board as managing director, and Harris became the ideas and marketing man.’
    • ‘In 2002, I was joined by a marketing man who formulated a full marketing strategy.’
    • ‘Before the marketing men got hold of Elvis, The Stones, The Pistols, Nirvana etc. they were dangerous and, most of all, really fun!’
    • ‘It was quite bizarre for a marketing man to be devising ways to stop customers from coming in.’