Definition of marker in US English:



  • 1An object used to indicate a position, place, or route.

    ‘they erected a granite marker at the crash site’
    as modifier ‘marker posts’
    figurative ‘the most portable marker of class privilege, the wearing of natural fibers’
    • ‘The orange race route markers pointed straight into an empty box car.’
    • ‘In the pipeline are permanent route markers in mosaic and cement.’
    • ‘The track is above the road and is indicated by dark blue markers.’
    • ‘Put a marker on the ground, and always stand on that spot.’
    • ‘Stones resting on the markers that indicate where barracks once were act as symbols of remembrance.’
    • ‘You see a marker post which tells you that you're on the right track, which momentarily raises your spirits about three millimetres from rock bottom.’
    • ‘He took a small stone and tapped the marker stone that was positioned directly under the painting.’
    • ‘I stared down at the grave marker that now seemed old compared to the ones around it.’
    • ‘When radiographs are taken to detect foreign bodies a metallic marker should always be placed at the site of the injury, tangential to the site of entry.’
    • ‘There are, however, neither signs of life nor markers to indicate where we are.’
    • ‘After a distance this path begins to rise round a prominent bend to where another narrower path leaves the main one at a marker post.’
    • ‘Climb up past the coastguard lookout, and take a right turn at the marker post.’
    • ‘He offers to sell fishermen special marker buoys to help them identify their nets and fishing spots.’
    • ‘In fact, a roadside marker along Route 60 still commemorates the case today.’
    • ‘The walkway also has brass markers indicating where the coastline was in 1788.’
    • ‘He put it to the defendant that the granite post was a marker for disputed property and the defendant had removed it in a bid to claim the property.’
    • ‘The two people in question were driving their car out to Coney Island when they veered off the line of concrete markers which marks the route.’
    • ‘Some of the coloured route markers are over-ruled by diversion signs.’
    • ‘Lobster-pot fishermen really should be banned from using black marker buoys at this time of year - it gets very distracting.’
    • ‘The section start and end positions were indicated with marker posts on the side of the road plus a steel rod was driven into the pavement on the centre line.’
    notice, signpost, signboard, warning sign, road sign, traffic sign
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    1. 1.1 A thing serving as a standard of comparison or as an indication of what may be expected.
      ‘such studies may provide a unique marker in the quest to understand the brain’
      • ‘William Hague laid down a marker for the election this week, when he made a speech promising that a Tory government would introduce tax cuts.’
      • ‘Despite the fact that he was not fully wound up he certainly laid down a marker that he is going to be extremely difficult to beat in the event.’
      • ‘This was a day, admittedly, when Waterford laid down a marker.’
      • ‘The courts have laid down a marker before the executive branch - they have staked out their procedural position.’
      • ‘Kerry's success against Cork on Saturday laid down a marker for the championship.’
      • ‘‘He put down a marker last week and is expected to play some part in the match at Morpeth,’ said Gair.’
      • ‘With this turn around we have put down a marker and this is only the beginning.’
      • ‘Schuettler, it was, who put down the first marker, ripping a forehand past Agassi in the first set to take the lead.’
      • ‘In Division Two, Old Crescent laid down a marker with a comprehensive victory over Midleton at Rosbrien on Saturday.’
      • ‘It might have ended in defeat but York City Knights laid down a marker for themselves yesterday with a performance full of pride, effort and ability.’
    2. 1.2 A radio beacon used to guide the pilot of an aircraft.
      anchored float, navigation mark, guide, beacon, signal
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  • 2A felt-tip pen with a broad tip.

    • ‘Because of the short notice, I can't receive any artwork for ads, but am willing to use a marker pen to scribble your company slogan on my t-shirt for money.’
    • ‘I fully expect someone to take a marker pen and draw on a pair of glasses and a goatee.’
    • ‘She saw him put a bandana over his head and draw a small mustache with the marker she always carried.’
    • ‘He was pleasant, very charming, but when we were waiting for filming and he was standing behind me, he wrote on my ear with a marker pen!’
    • ‘I finally realised that the colour was probably caused by the marker pen that I had used to write my name on the vest.’
    • ‘The court was told how he had gone out armed with a black marker pen to do some graffiti writing.’
    • ‘The dossier was sent to newspapers, in one case with the 45-minute claim highlighted with a marker pen.’
    • ‘Mark the smelly side of the chopping board with a permanent marker, so you always chop the onions, garlic, chives etc on that side.’
    • ‘It looked like there might once have been something written on the wrapper with a marker pen.’
    • ‘In the center of the back was a hand written Japanese character in permanent black marker.’
    • ‘On last day of school you attempted to get me disqualified from my business exam by using a marker pen and writing on me’
    • ‘Her sense of loss is literally written on her skin at the beginning of the film, as prefigured in the image of her writing on her abdomen with a black marker pen.’
    • ‘She took a marker pen and wrote in big black letters on my records.’
    • ‘I was drawing directly onto the window of my studio, outlining the view with a marker pen.’
    • ‘I carried a little marker pen in my pocket and when he played something which took my fancy I'd pop out the cassette and put a little dot on the plastic to mark the place.’
    • ‘A couple of minutes ago I picked up the marker pen sitting at the side of the mouse and start doodling on a business card that sits atop the keyboard - a legacy from yet another idea that seemed brilliant only days ago.’
    • ‘I always carry a black marker with me, just in case: this is my weapon.’
    • ‘In those days, before computers, ideas were still bashed out using a typewriter and a marker pen.’
    • ‘This can be done using a sharp pointed object such as a steel nail, an engraver or a marker pen, with special ink which can only be seen under ultra-violet light and is not easily removed.’
    • ‘But I now think that it is in every toddler's destiny at some point to take a permanent marker pen to some piece of household furniture.’
  • 3British (chiefly in soccer) a player who is assigned to mark a particular opponent.

    • ‘Reyes hit a swirling, inswinging free-kick, Juanito evaded his marker and headed into the top corner from 10 yards.’
    • ‘Ferdinand found Veron, who tricked, turned and slipped a pass inside his marker for Giggs.’
    • ‘Ramos jumps above his marker, but the ball flicks off his head and over the bar.’
    • ‘On one occasion he picked up the ball, spun his marker, played a quick one-two, dashed clear… and put the ball wide.’
    • ‘Vryzas muscles his marker off the ball after Russia fail to clear from a corner, and knocks the ball in from six yards.’
    • ‘After the break Radzinski turned provider when he flicked the ball over his marker to put Jensen through.’
    • ‘The Liverpool tall guy was often penalised in his duels with his markers.’
    • ‘Henry cuts in from the left, lets his marker sprawl on the turf and slams the ball past Stiel.’
    • ‘It was Dargo who took a bite at it, escaping his marker to position himself low to head past the exposed Combe from Barry Wilson's cross.’
    • ‘Horne in particular was able to use his pace to get beyond his marker but his final ball was met by Beckwithshaw's solid defending.’
    • ‘The Rams doubled their advantage on 17 minutes when Danny Heys beat his marker to the ball to fire home from close range.’
    • ‘The Uruguay striker collected a ball on the edge of the penalty area, span past his marker and planted the ball into the bottom corner.’
    • ‘Sanderson crossed from the left to Rae and the on-loan Berwick Rangers player rounded his marker with ease before slotting past the goalkeeper.’
    • ‘The teenager ran straight for goal side stepping his marker and dispatched the ball to the bottom right corner of the net.’
    • ‘With the ball lifted over his closest marker, he dispatched a powerful half volley.’
    • ‘Josemi tries to put Baros through with a long-throw, but the Czech striker fouls his marker and concedes a free-kick.’
    • ‘The target man once again held the ball up despite the close attention of his marker and again found a corner to play the ball around.’
    • ‘Darren Rooney is at the top of his game while Paul McDonald is one of the tightest markers in Gaelic football.’
    • ‘Six minutes after his introduction Miller surged into the box as the passes reached 22 and Larsson undid his marker on the left wing.’
    • ‘Yes, I really enjoyed the game, it was a great ball across the face of the box by Scott Murray and I just managed to get in front of my marker to slide the ball past Richard Wright.’
  • 4A person who records the score in a game, especially in snooker or billiards.

    • ‘He strode in, startling the billiard marker, Thomas Budd, who was about to close the side door.’
    • ‘The marker was Burley-in-Wharfedale's English Billiards champion Steve Crosland.’
    token, counter, man, disc, chip
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  • 5North American informal A promissory note; an IOU.

    ‘Phyllis owed a marker in the neighborhood of $100,000’
    label, ticket, badge, mark, tab, tally, sticker, docket, stub, chit, chitty, counterfoil, flag, stamp
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