Definition of marked in US English:



  • 1Having a visible mark.

    ‘plants with beautifully marked leaves’
    • ‘They ensure to the holder of the mark the goodwill associated with the marked product, which may entail considerable expenditure by the manufacturer.’
    • ‘He had marked it, and she produced his marked version.’
    • ‘For visitors following the marked trail that leads around the battlefield, its powerful aura helps conjure up the tableaux that unfolded over a hundred years ago.’
    • ‘First, some recapture data were collected using the permanently marked individuals described above.’
    • ‘Females are greyish-brown, with less marked socks but they also have a dark stripe on their forelegs.’
    • ‘This marking method is less invasive than a tattoo, and marked individuals return within minutes to their nests.’
    • ‘At each census the number of marked caterpillars still present and visible in each patch was recorded.’
    • ‘A quick thinking midwife sends the marked baby down river before the queen is able to get her hands on it.’
    • ‘If you turn left at the marked intersection you will miss two of the most interesting features.’
    • ‘I recently caught a distinctly marked fish almost immediately again, which must prove a point.’
    • ‘Parking this four metre-long car is no trouble, but you will definitely overhang any marked parking space, so you need to pick your spot pretty carefully.’
    • ‘Requests are supposed to be passed on to the city's Clean Teams, gangs of four in special red uniforms and marked vans who not only pick litter but also prune and weed green spaces.’
    • ‘The leaves have a lovely shape and are often beautifully marked.’
    • ‘She picked up another green marked soldier searching for a sign of rank.’
    • ‘Marking did not affect their behavior; marked workers continued with their task without interruption.’
    • ‘And one has to wonder, too, whether anybody who really was streetwise would get into a car so visibly marked.’
    • ‘Certain varieties have distinctly marked eyes of contrasting colors.’
    • ‘The group then moved closer to where the marked UN vehicles were parked and another shot hit a building next to them, knocking pieces of masonry to the ground near her.’
    • ‘It was recognized that such a marking was equivalent to payment, and that a marked instrument could not be returned as dishonoured.’
    • ‘What makes this Arum so different is that its beautifully shaped, marked leaves appear in the fall and stay green all winter.’
    1. 1.1 (of playing cards) having distinctive marks on their backs to assist cheating.
      • ‘He would never say where he had got it from, though wherever it was he'd been, it was rumoured he'd taken his marked playing cards and his gun with him.’
      • ‘The marked cards for the system come from United States Playing Card Co.’
      • ‘This deck appears as a slightly battered and marked casino deck from The Sands that consists entirely of face cards.’
    2. 1.2Linguistics (of words or forms) distinguished by a particular feature.
      ‘the word “drake“ is semantically marked as masculine; the unmarked form is “duck.”’
      • ‘Clearly, all this is explainable in terms of our M-principle: to convey a marked message, use a marked linguistic expression.’
  • 2Clearly noticeable; evident.

    ‘a marked increase in sales’
    • ‘There I encountered a marked divergence of views.’
    • ‘What this actually points to is a marked, though still limited, diffusion of prosperity and a radically changing social and occupational structure.’
    • ‘While the use of accounting information intensified, there was no marked change in the system itself.’
    • ‘In his trading ventures he showed a marked preference for associating with men of the Low Countries rather than those of Lynn.’
    • ‘It has demonstrated long-lasting changes, with patients showing a marked reduction in service usage.’
    • ‘There is a marked difference between those living in prosperous wheat belt and wine country, compared with those in declining steel towns.’
    • ‘Demand in Waterford City Centre for good retail locations is extremely strong and there has been a marked scarcity of suitable properties.’
    • ‘Intensive immunization campaigns have resulted in a marked decrease in polio throughout the world.’
    • ‘There's a marked improvement in my circulation.’
    • ‘Is it your judgment that this is going to be a marked improvement in terms of national security?’
    • ‘We agree that the rewriting of history is an integral part of the historian's trade, and this has been a marked feature of our own work.’
    • ‘Many other studies show marked changes in aggressive and deviant attitudes resulting from pornographic desensitization.’
    • ‘Yes, Indian folk and tribal paintings reflect a marked distinction from the miniature art of classical traditions.’
    • ‘She said the school has shown a marked improvement this year in their efforts to retain the green flag.’
    • ‘There is a marked distinction between inland and coastal cookery, due not only to contrasting climatic conditions, but also to differences in history.’
    • ‘Scotland has delivered a bruising critique of its parliament, with the worst turnout for more than 150 years and a marked drop in support for the main parties.’
    • ‘Two months later the patient complained of marked progression of symptoms.’
    • ‘Its perhaps most marked feature are the enormous collars on the coats, a very contemporary gesture.’
    • ‘However, marked differences were found in the intensity of labelling of a range of nitrogenous compounds.’
    • ‘There has been a marked decrease in the number of dogs roaming loose on local roads and housing estates since the Dog Warden service swung back into action.’
    noticeable, pronounced, decided, distinct, striking, clear, glaring, blatant, unmistakable, obvious, plain, manifest, patent, palpable, considerable, remarkable, prominent, signal, significant, great, substantial, strong, conspicuous, notable, noted, pointed, salient, recognizable, identifiable, distinguishable, discernible, apparent, evident, open, written all over one
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