Definition of marital status in US English:

marital status


  • A person's state of being single, married, separated, divorced, or widowed.

    ‘the document will not show your marital status’
    • ‘Age, marital status, whether or not they had had a smear test, and highest educational qualification were recorded.’
    • ‘Does marital status once again become the determining factor for women's status?’
    • ‘Although the candidate rarely affects one's vote, it's usual to be told their occupation and marital status if nothing else.’
    • ‘They can be any age, marital status, ethnic background or disability.’
    • ‘They are not classified on the basis of marital status and the terms married and single are not relevant for this purpose.’
    • ‘It's a good way to meet the locals, albeit only men, who immediately inquire as to my marital status.’
    • ‘It urged South African women to check that their marital status was correctly reflected on the department's books.’
    • ‘Their employees can nominate partners for pension payments regardless of gender or marital status.’
    • ‘Officials should do more than just report changes in marital status and other private matters to their supervisors.’
    • ‘Social rank is also determined by one's region of origin, age, marital status, and gender.’
    • ‘They belong to everyone without distinction as to sex, marital status, race or nationality.’
    • ‘Women's economic situation fundamentally depended on their marital status.’
    • ‘I was questioned about my marital status, whether I was still unattached.’
    • ‘The council is also stressing that sexuality and marital status are not necessarily obstacles to becoming foster carers.’
    • ‘This bill will give all couples the same legal rights irregardless of their sexual orientation or marital status.’
    • ‘Why should the parent's marital status have anything to do with this?’
    • ‘Married women may have endured more hardship than single women because of their marital status.’
    • ‘Sexual orientation, marital status and ethnicity are not barriers to fostering, as long as the other criteria are met.’
    • ‘Exclusions from assisted reproduction should not be on the basis of gender, marital status or sexual orientation.’
    • ‘After all, all this while, his single and unattached marital status has added to his charm in no small way.’


marital status

/ˈmɛrədl ˈsteɪdəs/