Definition of Mariology in US English:



  • The part of Christian theology dealing with the Virgin Mary.

    • ‘I was surprised that, in making her case, she did not mention the rococo Mariology of Grignion de Montfort and his devotees - a form of devotionalism alive today and somewhat favored by the pope and others on the Marian right.’
    • ‘Since Vatican II, there have been attempts to amplify a kind of Mariology the council itself was anxious to rein in, namely, a type of Marian speculation detached from roots in the saving mysteries of Christ.’
    • ‘Because I have been working recently on the origin of Mariology in relation to Christian views of womanhood, the books I have read over the last few months have been chiefly about women.’
    • ‘The sacred marriage motif has had an enormous impact through the centuries, not only in ecclesiology, but also in Mariology and the theology and spirituality of vowed religious life.’
    • ‘At the shrine itself, and in the devotions surrounding the mandatory baths, the principle that Mariology is Christology could not have been more explicit.’