Definition of marinize in US English:


(British marinise)


[with object]
  • Modify or convert for marine use.

    ‘they successfully marinized the engine for pleasure boats and sold several hundred of them’
    • ‘The key is a lever handle that when pumped side-to-side activates a manual hydraulic marinized lift pump inside the body of the bracket.’
    • ‘Valve overlap, a process that helps engines run more efficiently, can also cause marinized engines to ingest the seawater used to cool their exhaust systems.’
    • ‘Propulsion is provided by twin Hino diesel engines which were built in Japan and marinized in the U.S. by MerCruiser.’
    • ‘The project will deliver new leading edge aircraft that will be fully marinised and able to be used in multiple roles, including being able to operate from the RAN's current and future amphibious ships.’
    • ‘The Gem is a fully marinised engine for operation in harsh erosive and corrosive environments, from desert and tropical conditions to freezing and arctic environments.’