Definition of Marine One in US English:

Marine One

proper noun

  • The helicopter used by the president of the US.

    • ‘The VH - 92 Superhawk is proposed by Sikorsky as the replacement helicopter for Marine One, the US presidential transport helicopter.’
    • ‘The ear-splitting applause began before the candidate was in the room, stirred by the thunderous sound of Marine One - the presidential chopper - overhead.’
    • ‘In the courtroom, Greenlee flashes the victory sign with the same hubris Nixon displayed while boarding Marine One: may you wait just as long to redeem yourself.’
    • ‘Team US101, led by Lockheed Martin, has proposed the US101 helicopter for the US Marine One presidential transport fleet requirement.’
    • ‘The president just got off Marine One on the South Lawn.’
    • ‘A version of the Merlin, the US101, has been proposed by Team US101, led by Lockheed Martin, for the US Marine One presidential transport fleet VXX requirement.’
    • ‘Well, Al, in about five minutes we will board Marine One for a quick flight to Andrews.’
    • ‘Sikorsky is also locked in a fierce battle against Europe's Agusta-Westland to hold on to its contract to make the Presidential helicopters, known as Marine One.’
    • ‘Presidential helicopters, referred to as Marine One when the president is aboard, are stationed at military bases across the country to ferry the president on short trips of 240 km or less.’
    • ‘Yes, ma'am, I'll pass that on as soon as we get you to Marine One.’
    • ‘Agusta has scooped a contract to provide helicopters for Marine One, the famous force that transports the US president and is often pictured taking him to and from the White House lawn.’
    • ‘The president then flew over the coast in Marine One.’
    • ‘United Technologies Corp.'s chairman and CEO knew that the unit was facing stiff competition for its bid to build the next-generation Marine One.’
    • ‘When Marine One lands, we'll of course bring that to you.’
    • ‘The jockeying to get the contract to build Marine One, the helicopter fleet that transports the president, has been intensifying.’
    • ‘Its EH101-renamed the US101 for the bid - is one of two contenders to re-equip Marine One, the famous squadron of helicopters so often pictured delivering the president to the White House lawn.’
    • ‘There's Marine One, it's about to touch down on the South Lawn of the White House.’