Definition of marine engineer in US English:

marine engineer


  • An engineer who designs, operates, and maintains machinery and equipment used in ships, offshore installations, or elsewhere at sea.

    ‘Gray served as a marine engineer in the Royal Navy’
    • ‘Then he got a job as a marine engineer, including a stint in the Middle East.’
    • ‘Navel architects and marine engineers claim the Titanic was moving at an estimated speed of 22 knots before it collided with the iceberg.’
    • ‘Careful engineering and robust construction are vital to the safety of any vessel under sail, and no marine engineer, of any period in history, is likely to have skimped it.’
    • ‘Winton, who had trained as a marine engineer in Scotland before he left to live in New York, headed the American team.’
    • ‘So the submarine headed south, where the bollards were repaired in the calm waters of Gibraltar Bay by the boat's marine engineers.’
    • ‘Dr McCabe, a marine engineer, believes an extension to the current pier could be built which would cost the government in the region of 3.6m.’
    • ‘During his 15 years at sea as a marine engineer with the Atlantic fleet, he encountered squalls, hurricanes and mountainous seas - often for weeks on end.’
    • ‘Marine engineers and experts called the barge's flip "unprecedented."’
    • ‘Mr Sore, a former marine engineer, was exposed to asbestos about 50 years ago when he worked in shipyards up north.’
    • ‘"It was absolutely spectacular," said Lt Chatterjee, Exeter's Deputy Marine Engineer Officer.’