Definition of margarine in English:



  • A butter substitute made from vegetable oils or animal fats.

    • ‘Take a suitable pan, grease with margarine or butter and dust with flour.’
    • ‘Serve with your choice of toppings - margarine, sour cream, chives, Bacon bits.’
    • ‘Do not add butter, margarine or vegetable oils to baby foods or soft table foods.’
    • ‘All we can buy from the supermarket is sausage, bread and margarine.’
    • ‘It produces a yearly crop of around 140,000 tonnes which is processed into products like vegetable oil and margarine.’
    • ‘This is why it is added to foods such as bacon, smoked fish, canned vegetables, margarine, bread and savoury snacks.’
    • ‘Shea butter in refined form has been used for margarine and as a substitute for cocoa butter.’
    • ‘I am pleased Paul eats primal fare such as this, and little in the way of unhealthy man-made fats such as margarine and processed foods.’
    • ‘They ate bread and margarine and vegetables grown by their unpaid gardener.’
    • ‘Avoid fried food, and stay clear of margarine and other processed vegetable oils.’
    • ‘Crush pumpkin and add cornmeal, milk, sugar, salt, onion, pimento pepper and margarine.’
    • ‘You really need to put a layer of either butter or margarine on the bread first.’
    • ‘The second meal is a quarter loaf of brown bread with peanut butter and margarine.’
    • ‘Just a few ounces of cheese, butter and margarine were allowed per person, along with one fresh egg a week.’
    • ‘They are served hot or cold spread with butter or margarine and sometimes jelly jam and cream.’
    • ‘The packed lunches were found to be high in fat because of crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits and the amount of butter and margarine used.’
    • ‘Never substitute margarine for the butter, since the whole point of shortbread is its buttery taste.’
    • ‘When you eat soy oil in foods other than margarine, it is almost always hydrogenated.’
    • ‘In a separate bowl, beat margarine, honey, brown sugar, egg and vanilla until well blended.’
    • ‘The one recorded by his cook contained peanut butter and banana spread on white bread then fried in margarine until sizzling hot and brown.’
    fat, oil, cooking oil, animal fat
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Late 19th century: from French, from Greek margaron ‘pearl’ (because of the lustre of the crystals of esters from which it was first made) + -ine.