Definition of Marengo in English:



  • [postpositive] (of chicken or veal) sautéed in oil, served with a tomato sauce, and traditionally garnished with eggs and crayfish.

    ‘chicken Marengo’
    • ‘All the main courses were meaty: blood sausage with roasted apples and potatoes, andouillettes de Troyes, and veal Marengo.’
    • ‘Food historians have since suggested that chicken or veal Marengo was probably created in a fashionable Parisian restaurant as much as 15 years after the battle, though admittedly in honour of it.’
    • ‘Such is the legend of the origin of chicken Marengo.’
    • ‘I'm told that poulet à la Marengo, one entrée on a four-course evening menu, was prepared for Bonaparte on a battlefield in Italy.’


Named after the village of Marengo in northern Italy, scene of a battle in 1800 in which the French were victorious and after which the dish is said to have been served to Napoleon.