Definition of marbleize in English:



  • Give a marblelike variegated finish to (an object or material)

    ‘an old financial ledger with a marbleized cover’
    • ‘This can determine the age of a paint layer or finish such as grain painting or marbleizing by identifying the presence of various pigments whose date of introduction is known.’
    • ‘Peacock pours layer upon layer of viscous acrylic, allowing the paint to flow freely, creating natural formations and fusing colors in lush, marbleized surfaces.’
    • ‘Also on view were 24 mesmerizing small-format works on handmade marbleized paper, each work consisting of a pair of loosely related drawings.’
    • ‘Its paperboard ends covered with marbleized paper enclose thirty-six well-worn pages of laid rag paper.’
    • ‘It is composed of the biggest arches I have ever walked under, and almost everything seems to be made of marble, gold, gilded marble, or marbleized gold.’
    • ‘The variety of papers is astounding: fadeless colored papers; glossy, metallic or velour papers; rice papers; textured handmade papers; perforated or marbleized papers and more.’
    • ‘Surfaces can be impressed with a texture or stamp pattern, marbleized with hardeners, or acid-stained.’
    • ‘But it was fun working on this stuff, and soon we had the idea for the Beautiful Balls (the marbleized balls they're playing with on ESPN this year), and from there, we quickly had special, marbleized 8-balls and 9-balls too.’
    • ‘For marbleized berries dip a toothpick in contrasting chocolate and incorporate swirls and other designs into the original layer before it hardens.’
    • ‘First, he makes small marbleized papers bursting with rich, designer hues far removed from traditional landscape color schemas.’
    • ‘In many cases, framers are ‘customizing’ custom framing jobs by hand-making the frame or staining and gold leafing moulding, marbleizing matboard or etching glass.’
    • ‘McClave refers to a new line from Designer Moulding called Mirus, which adds marbleized finishes to traditional metal mouldings.’
    • ‘The grasshopper weather vane takes pride of place in the living room next to a handmade checkerboard of about 1880 with marbleized painted decoration and the stenciled inscription ‘Fd. Champagne.’’
    • ‘The mention of jaspeada colores, or marbleized ware, appears in documents at Alcora as early as 1736, although such decoration did not appear regularly until the end of the century.’
    • ‘Sponging, rag-rolling and verdigris are some of the more popular faux finishes, but elaborate techniques such as wood-graining and marbleizing also are catching on.’
    • ‘The background is an intricately marbleized cascade of diaphanous, sea-foam-green skeins over cerulean blue, a surface more precious and less labored than usual.’
    • ‘A wonderful jar of the late seventeenth century looks like a three-dimensional marbleized endpaper in an expensive book.’
    • ‘I love the marbleized, Sesame Street, 70's retro look it has to it.’
    • ‘They hand make frames, change moulding colors, marbleize matboard, add composition corners or etch glass to make frames with a flair that any good designer would appreciate.’
    • ‘Scattered throughout the place, on each voluminous flank, amid the inlaid shell and coral rock and the painted marbleized surfaces, were her photographs.’