Definition of maravedi in US English:



  • A medieval Spanish copper coin and monetary unit.

    • ‘At stake were payments owed on her alimentos; she was entitled to 30,000 maravedis each year.’
    • ‘This was done to the benefit of his daughter, Isabel, a nun at San Quirce, who received half of the partitioned amount: 80,000 maravedis.’
    • ‘In 1598 Santa Isabel enjoyed the beneficence of Ana Paredes Aldrete who left the convent a rent worth 1000 maravedis a year.’
    • ‘Similarly, Maria Turregano reserved 20,000 maravedis of her legitimas for herself, specifying that the sum would go to her convent, Santa Catalina, upon her death.’
    • ‘In return he offered the community a substantial endowment of 47,500 maravedis and an additional 3000 maravedis for work on the church.’


Spanish, from Arabic murābiṭīn ‘holy men’, a name applied to the North African Berber rulers of Muslim Spain, from the late 11th century to 1145.