Definition of maraging steel in US English:

maraging steel


  • A steel alloy, containing up to 25 percent nickel and other metals, strengthened by a process of slow cooling and age hardening.

    • ‘Marforming consists of deforming the maraging steel in the soft martensitic condition, generally cold.’
    • ‘The Dutch government report found that in 1976, two Dutch firms exported to Pakistan 6,200 unfinished rotor tubes made of superstrong maraging steel.’
    • ‘A qualitative description of ductile fracture has already been provided by Cox and Low who studied plastic fracture (fracture under local plastic strain) in AISI 4340 and 18Ni maraging steel.’
    • ‘The faces on the Glider X irons are just one-tenth of an inch thick, and those on the Backfire are made from maraging steel.’
    • ‘In that respect the substructure of maraging steel (as hardened) differs appreciably from that of aluminum, copper and other alloys which can be quenched without polymorphic change.’


1960s: maraging from mar- (abbreviation of martensite, because the process involves conversion of austenite to martensite) + aging from the verb age.


maraging steel

/ˈmärˌājiNG ˌstēl/