Definition of maquila in US English:



  • another term for maquiladora
    • ‘For two weeks in April, Marina toured the United States talking to concerned consumers about the importance of union organizing in the now infamous maquilas in Central America.’
    • ‘It comes as no surprise that one of the results of these characteristics is the gender segmentation of labor markets and the predominantly female aspect of production in maquilas and export processing zones.’
    • ‘The government's export strategy remains confined to easing labour laws in the maquilas and the Free Trade Zones.’
    • ‘Most of the girls who disappear have worked in the maquilas.’
    • ‘For these women, a lack of outdoor lighting in the shantytowns and maquilas increases danger for those who face a long, unlit walk to the nearest bus stop.’
    • ‘Human rights groups criticize maquilas for not providing better security for their low-wage, largely female work force.’
    • ‘Gonzalez told the students she hoped USAS could pressure the US companies to reinstate fired workers throughout the Nicaraguan maquila.’
    • ‘Massive and unregulated foreign investment is the basis for expanding the textile industry, which runs out of maquilas in ‘free trade zones’ on the outskirts of cities.’
    • ‘Another few dozen maquilas are soon to be opened in Chiapas as part of a vast export-oriented industrial zone in the heart of Maya country.’
    • ‘A new maquila will occupy what had been small plots of farmland.’
    • ‘These maquilas employ thousands of people, especially young women.’
    • ‘And trash sifted from the Matamoros city dump established that the maquilas were burning their industrial waste there, rather than disposing of it in the United States, as required by law.’
    • ‘At the same time, consumers have much to learn from the struggle for unions in the maquila in terms of their own efforts to improve their working conditions.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the proposed increase in university spending would help prepare engineers and other technical people to manage maquilas.’
    • ‘Mena points out that the co-operative is the only maquila that does not mistreat its workers, set unrealistic production targets or insist on a production minimum before paying a salary.’
    • ‘The labor that Ismaela and other women will perform in maquilas will not improve their standard of living or the quality of their lives, but it will increase the profits of the transnationals.’
    • ‘Many of the women killed have been abducted near their workplaces - the maquilas located on the outskirts of Juárez.’
    • ‘In the last 18 months a dozen Salvadoran maquilas have closed, throwing 9,000 people out of work.’