Definition of map-read in US English:



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  • Consult and interpret a map.

    ‘the age-old problem of trying to map-read and drive on your own’
    ‘they needed training in map-reading’
    • ‘There's a whole logic of map-reading: you take a bearing and then you've got to follow that bearing even if you think you're going wrong.’
    • ‘With our range of sat-nav systems, arguments about dreadful directions and terrible map-reading could become a thing of the past.’
    • ‘After about half an hour we map read back to the A31 at the roundabout right next to the filling station we usually fill up at when we drive home.’
    • ‘Barnes drove while his father map-read and performed hand signals.’
    • ‘Youth in Action days teach orienteering, map-reading, team-building and first aid.’
    • ‘For most of us that means a ramble across the North York Moors, or a bracing walk along the east coast before map reading our way back to the car for a flask of tea.’
    • ‘They were all dressed in civilian clothes, and I couldn't tell whether they were in the Army, but I knew they needed training in map-reading.’
    • ‘The club runs an extensive junior training programme during the winter months and welcomes beginners and anyone who wants to try their hand at running and map-reading in our local countryside.’
    • ‘You can map read can't you?’
    • ‘As a retired Voluntary Warden I have taken an active part in guided walks and events, such as navigation and map-reading.’
    • ‘Few journeys of exploration start with such little effort and need for map-reading.’
    • ‘There weren't any sign posts so one had to map read while the other drove, which we took in turns.’
    • ‘They are the pleasures of discovery, of stumbling across an idyllic half-hidden cove after an infuriating bout of map-reading, of an evening of sudden sun after a rainstorm.’
    • ‘Satnav fills a very necessary gap, especially if you don't have someone to do the map-reading for you.’
    • ‘They have lessons on handling grenades and rifles; learn to map-read; and build up their physical confidence through climbing, potholing and hill-walking.’
    • ‘Each missile uses state-of-the-art technology to find its way to the target by map-reading the ground over which it travels.’
    • ‘Endless digs about parking, map-reading and only using the rear view mirror to apply lipstick perpetuate the myth that women and motors are a bad mix.’
    • ‘Map-reading was never his forte.’
    • ‘We diverted through Wimbourne and map read our way back to the road we wanted; the whole detour didn't really take much time.’
    • ‘Men tend to have better spatial awareness than women, and as such can navigate, map-read, and find places more accurately.’
    give directions, plan the route
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