Definition of manzanilla in US English:



  • A pale, very dry Spanish sherry.

    • ‘At last Sainsbury's has overhauled its fortified wine range and among the new offerings this manzanilla is the star turn.’
    • ‘For me, a litre bottle of a top manzanilla is a must buy whenever I'm passing through an airport.’
    • ‘On the bar blackboard were fino, manzanilla, oloroso… excellent.’
    • ‘Fino and manzanilla are the most fragile of the sherries, but if you keep them refrigerated, they should be fine for cooking for a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Try manzanilla or fino with fish, dry oloroso and amontillado with cheese, ham and game, and sweet oloroso and Pedro Ximenez with sweets and fruit.’


Spanish, literally ‘camomile’ (because the flavor is reminiscent of that of camomile tea).