Definition of many-sidedness in US English:



  • See many-sided

    • ‘Standing out, though, is his masterly rendering of Lear, conveying the many-sidedness of the old man's character and development.’
    • ‘It is the characters' many-sidedness, their irreducibility to a formula, that he believes accounts for readers' continuing delight in Joyce's narrative.’
    • ‘Those who know him as a postcolonial critic know only a small part of his many-sidedness.’
    • ‘The sheer complexity and many-sidedness of Foucault's approach to social and political life make any brief treatment of his work difficult.’
    • ‘First of all, Gandhi recognizes ‘the many-sidedness of truth.’’
    • ‘That was part of his charm, a sign of his cultivated sense of the many-sidedness of the world.’
    • ‘Both these books catch that many-sidedness, besides brimming with other insights and oddities.’