Definition of many-sided in US English:



  • Having many sides or aspects.

    ‘the reasons for poor collaboration are complex and many-sided’
    • ‘Today the world faces the many-sided challenge that a rapidly aging population presents.’
    • ‘The situation in war fluctuates, it is many-sided and contradictory; it blends together the essential and the superficial, the law-governed and the fortuitous, the old and the new.’
    • ‘Whatever the case, the councils and congresses called for the purposes of making treaties were often many-sided exhibitions of generosity, oratory, and military might.’
    • ‘The EU has been built on a view of itself as an expanding universe of rational actions and many-sided decision-making, with a slow but inexorable momentum towards ever closer union.’
    • ‘The causes, motives and preconditions of terrorist attacks are certainly many-sided.’
    • ‘The choice to exhibit these works exclusive of any other motifs magnifies certain aspects of Johns's many-sided artistic personality.’
    • ‘Their contributions to the life and structures of the empire were both many and many-sided.’
    • ‘Listen to his many-sided Falstaff portrayal in the Verdi, too.’
    • ‘The many-sided interests - art, history, technical and military - have resulted in a wide and diverse audience that is sure to be satisfied with the variety and quality of this exhibition.’
    • ‘Walking is a many-sided pleasure and essential for those who lead a sedentary life.’
    • ‘Taken together, the international accounts of the major world economies paint a highly detailed, many-sided picture of all international flows of goods, services, income and investments.’
    • ‘This is the secret God has concealed in his bosom, and his many-sided wisdom is displaying so that all of the angels and even all of the demons, Satan himself, can look and see the wisdom of God's plan.’
    • ‘Judge us by our ideas, and by our willingness to provide a rich, many-sided debate on our ideas, and not by the skin color of those people who hold or listen to the ideas.’
    • ‘But of course there are many other versions; one of the argument's chief features is its many-sided diversity.’
    • ‘Women were indispensable in this many-sided economic and social reconstruction.’
    • ‘But when you do that, it turns out to be a rich and many-sided thing.’
    • ‘Just as power was ubiquitous in society and repression many-sided, so the struggle against it would have to tackle it from all angles, including ecologism, regionalism, anti-racism, feminism, and the gay movement.’
    • ‘In almost all national revolutions, the idea of freedom is many-sided.’
    • ‘So we could be content with the many-sided discourses from the French press that reach us over the Rhine - if it weren't for one problem.’
    • ‘It grew out of the relativism that was originally promoted as a means in the search for a many-sided truth.’
    wide-ranging, wide, broad, broad-ranging, broad-based, extensive, comprehensive, encyclopedic, general, universal, varied, diverse, diversified, catholic, liberal, cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, all-embracing, non-exclusive, inclusive, indiscriminate, multifaceted, multifarious, heterogeneous, miscellaneous, assorted
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