Definition of many-hued in US English:



  • Consisting of many different colors.

    ‘many-hued flowers’
    • ‘The many-hued Lilliputian figures are smaller than the painted figures they most resemble.’
    • ‘The many-hued oil paintings are hers.’
    • ‘In 1665 he split a sunbeam into a many-hued spectrum by passing it through a prism in a darkened room.’
    • ‘Spring smiling upon the landscape renewed the foliage with life and dotted the prairies with many-hued flowers.’
    • ‘The tranquil beauty of the expansive desert is a sharp contrast with the many-hued mountain background that calms my mind, rejuvenating my spirit.’
    • ‘The sky appeared dappled with many-hued dots.’
    • ‘Kass prepared a citrus salad with local many-hued watermelon radishes and tiny ice greens, so-called because they grow in the snow.’
    • ‘The performances are marvelously convincing and many-hued.’
    • ‘The presence of the enigmatic fish and the many-hued colours turn the apartment into some sort of magical place.’
    • ‘He had a hard time articulating the party's many-hued platform, preferring to stick with his tried-and-true message about the dangers of multinational corporations.’