Definition of many's the — in US English:

many's the —


  • Used to indicate that something happens often.

    ‘many's the night we've been wakened by that racket’
    • ‘As you might imagine, many's the time I have been stopped by a well-wisher keen to thank me for boosting the cultural capital of this city.’
    • ‘And she's right, of course, a lot of people do have stories to tell from their early days - many's the time I've been regaled by tales of being dropped by a major by the chap I'm buying shoelaces off of.’
    • ‘Congratulations on your superb site; many's the time you've made me laugh when I've been down, and I've always appreciated it.’
    • ‘Jane Eyre gave me the creeps, too; many's the night I've awoken in a cold sweat from a dream in which a madwoman torches the attic above my sleeping head.’
    • ‘I've worked for many years in the tightfisted business of newspapers and magazines, and many's the year that I haven't gotten a 3% raise.’
    • ‘As I had been offered many's the drink the night before, I offered around my figs and apricots.’
    • ‘Cars were still relatively new and many's the tale I've heard of wagons laden with hand-picked cotton that were so heavy the mules strained to pull the enormous load.’
    • ‘When I campaigned to have football's maximum wage abolished back in the 1960s, many's the letterbox I had to dump my load through to press home our point.’
    • ‘She knows she doesn't have to ring the doorbell before she comes in, and many's the time I have been woken by her as she travels to her surgery in the morning.’
    • ‘Before he became a major romantic poet, and before he met his lifelong pal Chapman, Keats, like many's the young writer before him and since, worked for a time in a bar in Paris.’