Definition of Manx in US English:



  • Relating to the Isle of Man.

    • ‘He was appointed honorary pathologist for the island before resigning to serve as medical officer with the Manx regiment from 1939 to 1944.’
    • ‘Mr Owen died last August at the Port Erin Sprint during the Manx Grand Prix.’
    • ‘After all, little is widely known about the Manx revival of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century in general.’
    • ‘The strength of Peel's links with this industry accounts for claims that Peel was Manx Gaelic-speaking for longer than other urban areas.’
    • ‘Because the boat sank in Isle of Man waters, the Manx government has jurisdiction over the investigation.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Attorney-General for the Isle of Man mentioned that, for many years, the provisions of Manx legislation concerning judicial corporal punishment had been under review.’
    • ‘‘They were no trouble for the Manx police,’ he recalls with a smile.’
    • ‘There is also a concession that allows property owners to be resident on the island for up to four months in any two consecutive years without becoming liable for Manx income tax.’
    • ‘It should be noted, however, that Morrison was a determined promoter of Manx music in the form of publications, competition material and popular entertainments.’
    • ‘Hangover gone, we headed to the small fishing port of Peel for a trip to the House of Manannan, an award winning £6m heritage centre detailing Manx history.’
    • ‘There is a view that a high value market could be developed in Spain, so that Manx fishermen could explore new opportunities.’
    • ‘In order to present Manx nationalism as a viable course, it was essential that Mannin was not only professional in the quality of its content, but also in its presentation.’
    • ‘Wait until she feels the noose tighten about her neck and Manx arrows pierce her cold heart upon the walls of Peel!’
    • ‘It would be certain death for Prince William to leave the protection of Thistlewaite Hall and make his rightful claim to the Manx throne.’
    • ‘Not everyone entering the Manx GP does so with the serious intention of winning.’
    • ‘Now, he will see the Manx roads from the driving seat of the Porsche.’
    • ‘The memory of such a ruler would be likely to survive in tradition, and it seems probable therefore that he is the person commemorated in Manx legend under the name of King Gorse or Orry.’
    • ‘For more than a week, the Manx fleet had been grounded after being excluded from the scheme to keep airlines flying.’
    • ‘As I have already described, the trust was an English law governed trust with Manx trustees (at least as set up).’
    • ‘It is also thought to be the first time one has been found in Manx waters.’


  • 1The Goidelic language formerly spoken in the Isle of Man.

    • ‘Celtic languages, Erse, Gaelic, Manx, and Welsh, continue to be spoken in Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, and Wales.’
    • ‘In this respect, Welsh was luckier than its sister-tongue, Manx, which had been almost completely eradicated by the beginning of the 20th century.’
    • ‘What do Manx, Faeroese, Gaelic, Welsh, Hebrew, Yiddish and Mohawk all share?’
    • ‘The Manx Society has sought to sustain Manx as the second language of the island.’
    • ‘Roeder wasted no time in asking her to collect ‘a lot of words, terms, phrases in Manx used by the Peel fishermen: a thing which has not been attended to by any one!’’
  • 2the ManxManx people collectively.

    • ‘By 1100, the awareness of urbanized life had certainly arrived amongst many of the Scots, Irish, Manx, and Welsh, even if the experience was largely yet to come.’
    • ‘If the Manx were still facing problems in 1914, the development of Mannin would have been key in countering this image of the Island as a county of England.’
    • ‘The nightlife isn't diverse, or even very good, but the Manx throw themselves into their evenings and weekends with the enthusiasm of people semi-trapped on an island.’


From Old Norse, from Old Irish Manu ‘Isle of Man’ + -skr (equivalent of -ish).