Definition of manure heap in US English:

manure heap


  • A pile of animal dung used for fertilizing land.

    ‘the fire started in a manure heap on their farm’
    • ‘It is thought the fire began by spontaneous combustion in the manure heap.’
    • ‘The representation of Beatrix Potter's garden was complete with potting shed, cold frame, rainwater butt fountain and manure heap!’
    • ‘The untidy appearance may be caused by plastic bags and sheeting, scrap machinery, derelict sheds, or manure heaps overgrown with weeds.’
    • ‘Neighbours had complained the burning manure heaps were making them ill, making their throats and eyes sore and causing mouth ulcers.’
    • ‘Residents have been warned to stay indoors, as fumes from a fire on a vast manure heap pose a risk to their health.’
    • ‘Most horse yards maintain a large manure heap, and most will be happy for you to take away the odd trailer load, free of charge.’
    • ‘A lot of people just take horse dung out of the stables from the bedding and pile it up as manure heaps.’
    • ‘In August, I found several examples of an unfamiliar beetle in a large manure heap near Wimborne St Giles.’
    • ‘This now relatively rare ancestor of the common cultivated mushroom always grows on rich soil, for example in gardens or on manure heaps.’
    • ‘Encouraged by these finds I searched in other manure heaps and piles of old hay last autumn, finding a number of uncommon species.’