Definition of manucode in US English:



  • A bird of paradise of which the male and female have similar blue-black plumage and breed as stable pairs.

    Genus Manucodia, family Paradisaeidae: five species, in particular the trumpet manucode or trumpet bird (M. keraudrenii), the male of which has a loud trumpeting call

    • ‘Nonetheless, birds with a really extreme elongation, such as the trumpet manucode, may have so much tracheal dead space that it does cause a problem, and in fact, these birds do not migrate and are reported to be somewhat sluggish.’
    • ‘On the island of New Guinea lives a glossy, bluish black bird called the trumpet manucode (Manucodia keraudrenii).’
    • ‘Manucodes are of considerable interest within the Paradisaeidae because the two species that have been studied are monogamous and non-territorial.’


Mid 19th century: from French, from modern Latin manucodiata (used in the same sense from the mid 16th to 18th centuries), from Malay manuk dewata ‘bird of the gods’.