Definition of manual transmission in US English:

manual transmission


  • An automotive transmission consisting of a system of interlocking gear wheels and a lever that enables the driver to shift gears manually.

    • ‘Also, it had a 3-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission.’
    • ‘The Forester uses a 5-gear manual transmission.’
    • ‘And, you can leave it in each gear longer when you are down shifting a manual transmission.’
    • ‘If the manual transmission is taken as a basis, automatic transmissions suffer from greater fuel consumption at the same shift point selection due to hydraulic power loss.’
    • ‘Couple that with a car that weights 1384 kg, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and you'll get some idea of its capabilities.’
    • ‘My-rally-car-for-the-day had Subaru's standard 5-speed manual transmission coupled with continuous all-wheel drive.’
    • ‘Both engines drive the front wheels through a five-speed manual transmission.’
    • ‘This problem only is apparent when you drive using manual transmission but that is the best way to excel at this game.’
    • ‘Our engine was matched to a six-speed manual transmission, but first gear was optional unless you're pulling a small house, and in fact, this truck pulls away in almost any gear once you're rolling.’
    • ‘Drivers are not cross-trained on automatic and manual transmissions.’
    • ‘Driver shift control enables the driver to switch from automatic to a clutchless five-speed high-performance manual transmission.’
    • ‘The unit is matched to a five speed manual transmission, but a new continual variable transmission option, equipped with a seven-speed semi-automatic shift control system is due in the summer.’
    • ‘It comes with a standard 5-speed manual transmission (4-speed automatic is optional).’
    • ‘The best car I had was a Toyota Camry with manual transmission and front wheel drive.’
    • ‘For the more competent racers there's the option to choose manual transmission, which provides a definite edge in crossing the next checkpoint.’
    • ‘Power comes from a turbo-charged 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine with a 6-speed manual transmission.’
    • ‘A 6-speed manual transmission routes power to the rear wheels.’
    • ‘Most of the 2-ton trucks will have 6 to 10 gears in the manual transmission or 4 or 5 speeds with an automatic transmission.’
    • ‘Diesels have twice the compression of gas engines, which means it's harder for the average person to shift gears in a manual transmission.’
    • ‘On the horizon, automakers are working on electrically shifted manual transmissions, that eliminate the losses of a torque converter by replacing it with electronically controlled mechanical clutches.’