Definition of Mantuan in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Italian town of Mantua or its inhabitants.

    ‘the Mantuan artistic tradition’
    • ‘He was appointed painter to the Mantuan court.’
    • ‘Luccio (pike) is exalted in Mantuan cuisine as nowhere else in Europe.’
    • ‘He is not a shy, gentle man prone to philosophy and always mindful of his rustic Mantuan farming roots.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Italian town of Mantua.

    ‘Mantuans gathered for the sale of stallions’
    • ‘No matter what the Mantuan tried to do to it and it looked as if his opponent was going to win.’
    • ‘My parents were, both of them, by their native place, Mantuans.’
    • ‘Mantuans take a more cerebral approach.’