Definition of manrope in English:



  • A safety rope on a ship's deck, especially a rope on the side of a ship's gangway or ladder for support in walking or climbing.

    • ‘A clean and efficient pilot ladder fitted with spreaders and manropes shall be made available for the pilot to embark or disembark.’
    • ‘Sideropes and manropes must be made of good quality Manila or other material of equivalent strength, durability and grip.’
    • ‘Depending on the type of pilot boat in use, the bottom of the pilot ladder shall be either one point five or three metres above the water, with two manropes provided.’
    • ‘The central superstructure, manropes, and steering linkage are based on the drawing.’
    • ‘Many of the company had been bruised and battered as they tumbled along the listing deck and slid down manropes into the lifeboat.’
    • ‘An anxious queue formed for the manrope but, somehow, Pony Moore, who had swum quite a distance from the boat, leapfrogged the entire queue and was first on the casing.’
    • ‘If possible a pilot ladder and gangway net should be placed over the lee side with manropes.’
    • ‘Manropes should be supplied in accordance with requirements.’
    • ‘Ensure that the ladder and manropes are securely made fast.’
    • ‘The ladder will be equipped with half-height manropes on both sides.’
    • ‘The pilot ladder is required to be rigged on the lee side of the vessel as close as possible to midships, 2 meters above the water, with manropes.’
    • ‘For use while surfaced, a small, flat deck fitted with removable manropes is apparently installed just behind the pilothouse, and this can be accessed by a hatch from below.’