Definition of manometer in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring the pressure acting on a column of fluid, especially one with a U-shaped tube of liquid in which a difference in the pressures acting in the two arms of the tube causes the liquid to reach different heights in the two arms.

    • ‘The contamination appeared to be mostly contained in a first-floor science classroom, where the silvery metal leaked from a manometer, a U-shaped glass device used to measure air pressure, Dieringer said.’
    • ‘The desktop manometer was developed to provide engineers immediate access to pressure sensor data.’
    • ‘One of the earliest measuring tools was a liquid-filled tube known as a manometer.’
    • ‘The combination of an inclined and a vertical manometer is very useful in air movement determination.’
    • ‘First invented in the seventeenth century, manometers are used to measure the pressure of gases.’


Mid 18th century: from French manomètre, from Greek manos ‘thin’ + -mètre ‘(instrument) measuring’.