Definition of manicurist in US English:



  • A person who gives manicures professionally.

    • ‘As a manicurist you will be part of the booming manicuring, pedicuring, and artificial nail industry, with combined sales of more than three billion dollars a year.’
    • ‘After all, what do 200,000 massage therapists or 300,000 manicurists matter in a country of 290 million people?’
    • ‘The manicurist was going to ask who Daryl was, but decided not to once she saw the stern look on Marie's face.’
    • ‘Grimly cordial manicurists improved her fingers and toes.’
    • ‘The Egyptian barber was also a manicurist, using a razor to trim the fingernails of clients.’
    • ‘The hairdressers, manicurists and makeup artists all came and went.’
    • ‘Nancy, the owner, and Loren, the manicurist, ushered Elisa to a lavender vinyl chair.’
    • ‘I asked the manicurist, who was smoking on the steps.’
    • ‘She cited a hair salon that decided to add a manicurist to the staff.’
    • ‘Younger women became clerks or office secretaries, while others worked as manicurists or hairdressers in beauty salons.’
    • ‘You cannot get your cuticles as neat as a manicurist can.’
    • ‘This film follows the life of Ray and Frenchy Winkler, an ex-con and a manicurist who live poorly but happily in Manhattan.’
    • ‘In California, there are more than 83,000 licensed manicurists and 80 percent of them are of Vietnamese descent.’
    • ‘And no one is more aware of this than makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists.’
    • ‘She became a manicurist to help pay for college, earning a two-year degree from Prince George Community College.’
    • ‘The manicurist went off to her next appointment.’
    • ‘The most fascinating aspect of this particular tomb is the pictorial depictions of the manicurists.’
    • ‘In fact, in some states it takes more hours of training to become a hairdresser or a nail manicurist than it does to become a bounty hunter.’
    • ‘I was talking about all of this Thursday while getting a haircut and the manicurist, a wickedly funny woman, asked, ‘What happened to you?’’
    • ‘Rachel is about 21 and is employed as a manicurist.’